Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need a dog to come to Boo's?
Of course not! All DOG LOVERS are welcome and humans are always FREE! We invite everyone to eat in our main indoor restaurant (where only service dogs are allowed) or on the Doggy Deck (where leashed and registered Boo's Pack members are allowed). If you're 16+, you're also welcome to join us in our indoor and outdoor off-leash dog parks. Have a drink or a coffee, and let those playing pups put a smile on your face!

But I can bring my dog? Can we just show up or do we need to register in advance?
Your dog is welcome so long as he or she is registered as a paid Boo’s Pack member. (*No access fee required for dogs to dine, on-leash, on the Doggy Deck, but they must still be registered as a Boo’s Pack member.) We strongly recommend you register your pup in advance. The membership helps us assure that all of our four-legged guests are up-to-date on their vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP/Da2PP, Bordetella), properly socialized for group play, and spayed/neutered if over 9 months. Check-in will go a lot faster/smoothly if you're able to register online in advance. And if you simply show up without all required documentation we won't be able to allow you in.

Why do we have to pay for a Boo’s Pack membership for our dog?
Membership allows us to provide a superior experience for our community of dog lovers! By ensuring all pups who visit Boo’s are properly socialized and vaccinated, and providing our “Paw-Leash” staff to help monitor playtime and park cleanliness, it will help us meet our goals of providing a safe, clean, and super fun environment for dogs and humans alike.

What are the requirements for my dog becoming a Boo’s Pack member?
You will need to provide documentation that your pup is up-to-date on all vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP/Da2PP, Bordetella) and spayed/neutered if over 9 months, and confirm that your pup is socialized for group play.

Do you accept titer tests?
Yes, in lieu of vaccination records, we will accept titer tests within a year showing that your dog has the appropriate level of immunity.

What memberships are available for Boo’s Pack and what do they cost?
Once your dog meets our requirements, you can purchase a day pass, or a monthly or annual membership. Learn more here.

Are there any perks included in our membership?

Glad you asked! In addition to unlimited access to our indoor and outdoor dog parks, membership will get you faster check-in, one FREE day pass per month to bring a non-member dog*, and discounts on select food/beverage items and events. Annual members will receive their choice of a free T-shirt, hat, or koozie. (*The visiting dog must still register and meet our requirements.)

So the monthly and annual memberships will automatically renew?
Yes, we will hold your credit card securely on file and automatically charge it on the cycle of your membership.

I’m only in town for a while; do I still need to get an annual membership to bring my dog?
No! We have daily passes and monthly memberships as well. However, the vaccination, sociability, and spay/neuter requirements must still be met. Please still register your pup as a Boo’s Pack member in advance.

How does my dog become a Boo’s Pack member?
Click here

Can my dog dine with me in the restaurant?
With the exception of service animals, no dogs are allowed in the main indoor dining area of the restaurant. Guests can dine with their dogs (on-leash) on the Doggy Deck, provided their dog is registered with us - no access fee required).

Can I have dinner/drinks while my dog plays?
You may dine with your dog (on-leash) on our outdoor Doggy Deck. Otherwise, an owner MUST remain with their dog/s when they are in the off-leash areas. However, we offer our FREE "Stay-n-Play" services that will allow you to leave your dog with us to play while you relax and dine. Just see the Front Desk or a "Paw-Leash" officer to sign up!

Can we eat in the off-leash dog parks?
Safety is our main priority. So we can't risk sparking a tussle over a pizza crust falling to the ground. Besides, we want everyone to enjoy their meals, and you don’t really want a bunch of dogs begging (and drooling) over yours.

But you'll have doggy treats available, right?
Yes, we have treats specifically for the pups available, to be enjoyed in an on-leash area.

Can my child hang out in the doggy play areas?
For safety considerations, only children 16 and older are allowed in the off-leash doggy play areas. However, all children are welcome in the main dining area of the restaurant and in Doggy Dining Deck.

Are you open when it rains?
Yes! During inclement weather, your pup will still be able to release its zoomies in our large indoor off-leash dog park. Weather depending, the outdoor off-leash park will be open as well and the artificial turf means your pup won’t be all muddy!

How do I cancel my dog's subscription?
Just email or give us a call at 941-960-2669 x3.

I own a business; can I advertise with Boo’s?
Yes! Please contact if you're interested.

How can I stay up to date on Boo’s news and announcements?
Follow us at Facebook or Instagram or sign up for our newsletter, Boo's Bark. We’ll send out periodic roundups of upcoming changes, events, or other announcements.

I’m interested in hosting a private party or event at Boo’s.  How do I make that happen?
We love to host private events! Birthday parties for humans or dogs, a "Bark-Mitzvah", fundraisers, or just a mixer for your organization. We have private areas for some seriously fun private parties - large and small. Please complete this form to get started or email to talk to us about making a most memorable event for you!

I want to work at Boo's. Who should I contact?
We take our work seriously but within a seriously fun environment! If you are interested in working with us, and love dogs and people, please contact

Who painted your beautiful dog mural?
Artist/muralist Jeff Pilkinton designed and painted our mural. You can find and reach Jeff on Instagram: @jeffpilkinton or on Facebook: Jeff Pilkinton Art / @jeffpilk

Who is Boo? And I've heard the name Raven?
Boo is the goofy, bull-in-a-china-shop rescue dog of owners Mindy and Bobby. He has a personality to match his strength and he's the inspiration for Boo's Ice House & Dog Bar. We hope to share his energy and wide-mouthed smile with everyone who visits. Raven is Boo's older, much wiser, sister. Is she jealous of all the attention Boo is getting? Not one bit! 😆Honestly, she's not a big fan of other dogs. She extremely tolerant of Boo's heavy-pawed antics and she secretly loves him but she's not upset to have some "me" time.

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