Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I just show up with my dog?
No, to bring your dog to Boo’s they must be registered as a Boo’s Pack member. The membership helps us assure that all of our four-legged guests are up-to-date on their vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP/Da2PP, Bortadella), properly socialized for group play, at least 4 months old (w/ rabies vaccine), and spayed/neutered. All of our daycare pups must also meet our vaccination (see above), age (see above), behavioral and spay/neuter requirements.

Can I have dinner/drinks while my dog plays?
With the exception of the Doggy Deck, an owner MUST remain with their dog/s when they are in a fenced in play area. The play areas are 21+ for humans. However, if your dog is a Boo’s Pack member and you opt to utilize our in-house doggy daycare, you may leave your dog with us while you dine. The same vaccination, age, and spay/neuter requirements apply to doggy daycare.

Can my child hang out in the doggy play areas?For safety considerations, minors are not currently allowed in the doggy play areas. However, children are welcome in the main dining area of the restaurant. Dog play areas are 21+.

Can my dog dine with me in the restaurant?
With the exception of certified service animals, no dogs are allowed in the main dining area of the restaurant. Guests can dine with their dogs on the Doggy Deck, provided their dog is a Boo's Pack member.

How does my dog become a Boo’s Pack member?

Please click the “Join Boo’s Pack” links located in the top right corner of the website header, bottom left corner of the website footer, or scroll down in the “Visiting Boo’s” section of the website. From there, you’ll have to fill out a form and upload documentation that your dog has met our vaccination, age, and spay/neuter requirements. On your dog's first visit, they'll be monitored by our "Paw-Paw" patrol to ensure they meet our behavioral requirements.

I’m only in town for a while; do I still need to get an annual membership to bring my dog?
No! We have daily, weekly, and monthly passes as well. However, the vaccination, age, behavioral, and spay/neuter requirements must still be met.

I own a business; can I advertise with Boo’s?
At this time, we are putting together a list of advertising options. Please join our mailing list to stay up to date on advertising and announcements.

How can I stay up to date on Boo’s news and announcements?
We maintain an active social media presence where we share the latest announcements and general goings-on. You can also sign up for our newsletter, where we’ll send out periodic roundups of upcoming changes, events, or other announcements.

I’m interested in hosting an event at Boo’s.  How do I make that happen?

We will begin offering event rentals in 2023. Please check back then.

Who painted your beautiful dog mural?Artist/muralist Jeff Pilkinton designed and painted our mural. You can find and reach Jeff on Instagram: @jeffpilkinton or on Facebook: Jeff Pilkinton Art / @jeffpilk

Who is Boo?
Boo is the rescue pup of owners Mindy Kauffman and Bobby Boivin. Boo's boundless joy inspired Kauffman and Boivin to create a place where puppy energy can be shared and enjoyed.

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