Membership Guide

All dog lovers are welcome any time, free of charge. But bringing your dog to Boo’s requires your pup to be registered (registration is one-time and free!) and the purchase of a Boo’s Pack annual membership, monthly membership, or daily pass.*
Maximize the fun and enjoy some nice membership perks.

*Working service animals are allowed on site without charge, subject to meeting all other requirements of membership.

Membership Tiers

Daily Pass
$8 for the first dog ($5 for each additional dog)

Monthly Membership
$20 for the first dog* ($10 for each additional dog)

Annual Membership
$200 for the first dog* ($50 each additional dog)

Boo's Pack Requirements

Our Boo’s Pack requirements, which ensure every two-and four-legged guest can have a safe, enjoyable time, are as follows:

--Rabies, DHLPP/Da2PP,
and Bordetella vaccinations
(we require proof of current vaccines)
--Must be spayed or neutered
(if over 9 months)
--Must be properly socialized for group play

Membership Perks

Faster check-in for you and your dog.

One FREE day pass per month to bring a non-member friend (health and behavior requirements apply to visiting non-member).

10% off your food tab at all times

FREE "welcome" drink (Annual members get a FREE drink EVERY MONTH)

ANNUAL members receive their choice of a FREE t-shirt, hat, tumbler or koozie